How to Ship from China to New York

Shipping goods from China to New York involves crossing the Pacific Ocean and entering the Atlantic Ocean. Shipping route from China to New York, There are several shipping routes and options available for transporting cargo between these two locations, with the most common routes being as follows:

Shipping route from China to New York

Shipping route from China to New York

1. Trans-Pacific Route:

The most direct and commonly used route for shipping from China to New York is the Trans-Pacific Route. Ships depart from various ports in China, such as Shanghai, Ningbo, or Shenzhen, and sail across the Pacific Ocean to reach ports on the West Coast of the United States, such as Los Angeles or Long Beach. From there, the cargo is transported inland to the East Coast, including New York, via rail or truck.

Ningbo Ocean Port to USA

2. Panama Canal Route:

Another route option is the Panama Canal Route, which involves ships sailing from Chinese ports to the Panama Canal. After transiting the canal, the ships enter the Atlantic Ocean and continue their journey to reach ports on the East Coast of the United States, including New York.

3. Suez Canal Route:

For certain shipments or depending on the shipping company’s preferences, the Suez Canal Route can be chosen. Ships depart from Chinese ports and sail through the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Suez Canal. After passing through the canal, the ships enter the Mediterranean Sea and proceed to ports on the East Coast of the United States, including New York.

Shipping route from China to New YorkShipping route from China to New York

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Ship a container from China to Port of New York

Shipping route from China to New York, The port of NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY is the port district area of the New York-Newark metropolitan area and Elizabeth area, in the New York State area we have the NYCT (New York Container Terminal), in New Jersey we have PNCT (Port of Newark Container Terminal), in Elizabeth we have Maher Temrinals one of the biggest container terminals in the USA east Coast. The Newark metropolitan area is the gateway to one of the most concentrated consumer markets in the world serving and delivering containers to the areas of New York State, New Jersey State, Pennsylvania State, Connecticut State, and Massachusetts State. It’s the largest and busiest US east coast port and the nation’s third-largest one. It handles commodities such as cars, vehicles, clothing, electronics, scrap metal, bulk and break bulk cargo with a high volume of imports and exports to and from China.

Examples of Shipping rates door to port from the major ports of China to New York.

From China: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Dalian, or Hong Kong.
To destination: New York

Container Shipping rates from China to New York

Container shipping rates from China to New York can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the shipping company, container size, cargo weight, shipping route, fuel prices, and market demand.

Distance and Shipping Route:

The distance between the port of origin in China and the port of destination in New York is a significant determinant of container shipping rates. Longer shipping routes can result in higher costs due to increased fuel consumption and extended travel times. The most common shipping routes between China and New York are the Trans-Pacific Route and the Panama Canal Route. The Trans-Pacific Route is the more direct and commonly used option, whereas the Panama Canal Route involves transiting the Panama Canal to reach the Atlantic Ocean and subsequently New York.

Container Size and Type:

The size and type of container selected for shipping can affect the rates. Standard container sizes include 20-foot (TEU) and 40-foot (FEU) containers. The larger the container, the higher the cost, but larger containers can offer better economies of scale for larger shipments. Additionally, specialized containers, such as refrigerated containers (reefers) for perishable goods or open-top containers for oversized cargo, may come with additional charges.

Cargo Weight and Volume:

Freight rates are often based on the weight or volume of the cargo, whichever is higher. Heavy or bulky cargo may incur higher shipping costs due to the space it occupies on the vessel and the need for specialized handling.

Seasonal Demand and Market Conditions:

Freight rates can be influenced by seasonal demand fluctuations and market conditions. During peak seasons, such as holidays or busy shopping periods, shipping rates may rise due to increased demand for goods. Conversely, during periods of lower demand, rates may be more competitive.

Fuel Prices:

Fuel costs significantly impact shipping rates. As fuel prices fluctuate, shipping lines adjust their fuel surcharges, which can affect overall freight costs. This makes fuel costs a critical factor in determining container shipping rates.

Currency Exchange Rates:

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates between the Chinese Yuan (CNY) and the US Dollar (USD) can also influence container shipping rates. Changes in exchange rates can affect the cost of conducting international trade transactions.

Carrier Selection and Service Level:

The choice of shipping line or carrier and the service level selected can also affect container shipping rates. Different carriers may offer varying rates and service options, including transit times and container availability.

Additional Charges and Surcharges:

It is essential to consider additional charges and surcharges that may apply to container shipments. These can include terminal handling charges, documentation fees, security fees, and other port-related costs.

Remember that the shipping rates are only a part of the total shipping cost. Other factors, such as terminal handling charges, documentation fees, customs duties, and insurance, should also be considered when calculating the overall cost of shipping from China to New York.

Shipping route from China to New YorkShipping route from China to New York

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Ocean freight rates from China to New York

Examples for Ocean freight rates port to port from the major ports of China to New York.

From China: Port of Shanghai, Port of Shenzhen, Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, Port of Guangzhou, Port of Qingdao, Port of Tianjin, Port of Xiamen, Port of Dalian, or Port of Hong Kong.

To destination New York area: Port of New York, Port of Newark NJ, Port Elizabeth New Jersey.

Key Factors Influencing Ocean Freight Rates:

a. Demand and Capacity: Ocean freight rates are significantly influenced by the demand for shipping services and the available capacity on vessels. During peak seasons or times of increased demand, such as holidays and events, rates may surge due to limited available space. On the other hand, periods of low demand can lead to more competitive rates.

b. Fuel Prices: One of the most critical factors affecting ocean freight rates is the cost of fuel. Fluctuations in oil prices directly impact carrier operating expenses. To mitigate fuel price volatility, some shipping lines implement bunker adjustment factors (BAFs) to adjust rates accordingly.

c. Freight Market Conditions: Ocean freight rates are also influenced by the overall state of the global freight market. Economic conditions, geopolitical events, and trade policies can all play a role in rate fluctuations.

d. Trade Imbalances: Trade imbalances between China and the United States can affect freight rates. When more goods are being shipped in one direction than the other, shipping lines may adjust rates to balance vessel loads.

e. Carrier Alliances and Competition: The shipping industry is characterized by carrier alliances and fierce competition. Carrier alliances involve multiple shipping lines sharing vessels and operating jointly on specific trade routes, impacting capacity and rates.

f. Container Availability: Container shortages or imbalances can influence rates. During times of high demand, a shortage of containers in certain locations may lead to higher costs.

Shipping time from China to New York

Shortest transit time from China to New York

One of the shortest transit time to ship a container to New York is the route from Shanghai container terminal using CMA CGM container service, with an average of 30 days of transit to NYCT Global cotnainer terminal in New York City. The next shortest route is with OOCL from Shenzhen as a port of loading with an average of 30 days to reach Maher Terminals New Jersey in the East Coast of USA.

Longest transit time from China to New York

The slowest transit time to ship a container from China to New York is the route Hong Kong to New York, with an estimated average transit time between 35 to 40 days of transit port to port. The next longest route is Guangzhou to New Jersey, with an average of 38 days of transit time.

What is better FCL (Full container load) or Shared Container LCL from China’s ocean freights to the New York metropolitan area?

Shipping commercial or personal cargo from China to New York as electronics, lighting, machines, furniture, clothing, food, cars, boats, motorcycles, jet ski, motor homes, auto parts, personal effects, medical equipment’s, etc, the first step to ship to New York is to assess your shipping volume and weight, then contact your forwarder in New York or shipping agent in China. Then your forwarder will recommend you whether you need a is full container or another option is a shared container or a groupage (a less-than-container load, or LCL shipping). Contact Basenton Logistics for more information for shipping recommendations and rates.

Shipping route from China to New YorkShipping route from China to New York

What are the Cheapest Air Freight Companies Shipping from China to the New York?

If you’re looking for affordable air freight costs, it’s in your best interest to work with a freight forwarder based in China, like Basenton Logistics.

Freight forwarders have the distinct advantage of leveraging their high-volume rates while staying brand agnostic. This allows them to select the cheapest carriers, regardless of the airline.

It is known across the industry that China Southern, Air China, and China Eastern consistently have the lowest prices for air cargo shipments to the United States. However, other carriers such as Cathay Pacific, ANA, and Asiana routinely offer promotional rates sporadically throughout the year, which can at times be significantly less than the state-owned, Chinese carriers.

The answer to the question of which carriers are the cheapest in China always depends on the season and which carriers are offering special rates.

Shipping route from China to New York, Shipping cost varies depending on the type of transportation, cargo type and size, chosen forwarder, and some other factors. It is best to compare different freight forwarders because every one of them will give you a different offer. You can easily do it on Basenton by just filling in the form on the official website, Various freight forwarders will contact you with their quotes to choose from.

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