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In the era of globalization, China and the UAE, as two completely different countries separated by thousands of miles, have built a bridge through close communication and cooperation. As the world’s second largest economy, China has carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with the UAE, the pearl of the Middle East. However, crossing such a long distance is a difficult task, the key lies in transportation, Shipping from China to UAE, especially air freight.

Shipping services from China to Dubai are becoming more and more popular, especially air freight and door-to-door shipping. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) air freight and door-to-door air freight services provide customers with convenient and reliable shipping solutions. This article will discuss the air freight cost, time, DDP shipping information from China to Dubai, UAE


Air freight from China to Dubai, UAE

Air freight is a very convenient method of transportation. There are many reasons to choose the route from China to UAE. They are faster than any other mode of transportation.

Air freight from China to UAE is reliable. They won’t be late and transport your goods safely. The next important reason to use air freight is to reduce packaging costs. Generally speaking, heavy packaging is required when shipping by sea, but not when shipping by air. In addition, air freight does not require renting a warehouse in China. In addition, air freight insurance costs are lower than ocean freight. Hence, you get fast delivery and don’t need to spend much money on packaging, insurance and warehouse facilities.

This mode of transportation is commonly used for international and intercontinental shipments of products such as electronics, textiles, medical equipment, and perishable food products. The air freight market from China is favored by UAE customers due to China’s status as a major global manufacturing hub.

There are some disadvantages to air shipping from China to UAE. Due to certain restrictions, you cannot ship all products by air freight. For example, if you are shipping lithium batteries, they need to pass certain tests. Batteries can be transported if they can pass aviation regulations. Another disadvantage is that air freight is not cost-effective if you are shipping large quantities of products.

Basenton Logistics has agreements with most major airlines serving between these two countries. We ensure you can transport your goods within your schedule.

Air freight from China to UAEAir freight from China to UAE

Major Airports in China And the UAE

China’s main airports

There are lots of Airport port in China, you can choice the nearest airport from your supplier address to save transportation cost

Beijing airport; Xian Airport; Shanghai Airport; Chengdu Airport; Hangzhou Airport; Guangzhou Airport; Shenzhen Airport; Hongkong Airport.

Major China AirportMajor China Airport

Major Airports in the UAE

Dubai International Airport Fujairah International Airport Al Dhafra Air Base
Abu Dhabi International Airport Ras Al Khaimah International Airport Port Rashid Heliport
Al Ain International Airport Al Bateen Executive Airport Sir Bani Yas Airport
Sharjah International Airport Al Bateen Airport Al Maktoum International Airport

Shipping From China To UAE Airport Guide

Air Freight Prices from China to UAE

The air freight price from China to the UAE is calculated in kilograms based on the weight of the shipment. The freight prices for different weights are different. It’s hard to say how much air freight will cost from China to UAE. But we can give you a general idea. $6 to $12 is the standard price for air shipping between these two countries.

Load Transit time Price
100 kg 6-10 days $919-$1225
300 kg 6-10 days $1846-$2461
500 kg 6-10 days $2513-$3351

How Much Does It Cost To Ship 100kg From China To UAE By Air

It’s important to note that these costs are just estimates, and actual costs may vary depending on the specific details of your shipment. You can consult us (Basenton Logistics) to get an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

To find out the cost of shipping from China to UAE, please click the link:

How Much Does It Cost To Shipping From China To UAE

20ft & 40ft Container Cost From China To UAE

Air Freight Prices from China to UAEAir Freight Prices from China to UAE

How is the air freight price from China to UAE calculated?

Air freight prices are calculated based on actual/natural weight or volumetric weight. The actual weight of the product is calculated based on gross and net weight. This is then compared to the dimensional weight to determine cost.

Dimensional weight is calculated by first multiplying the width of the package by the height and length (width x length x height). Next, dimensional weight is calculated by dividing that number by 6000 (or 5000 if shipping).

Because airlines try to maximize their revenue, they charge you based on the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight. The fee will be calculated based on the higher.

Air Freight Time from China to UAE

Goods shipped by air from China take 3-8 days to arrive in UAE.
Selecting different services and routes will result in slight differences in shipping times. If you need the fastest possible way, contact an experienced air freight forwarder to provide you with the best route and shortest delivery time for your China to UAE air cargo.

Origin Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah
Shanghai 3-5 3-6 3-6
Guangzhou 3-5 3-6 4-7
Beijing 4-6 4-8 3-8
Shenzhen 4-6 3-7 3-5
Yiwu 3-8 3-6 4-7

Air freight from China to UAE process

The air shipping process from China to UAE includes the following steps:

  • Pick-up: Pick up the goods from the Chinese exporter’s factory, warehouse or any other designated location.
  • Booking flights: Freight forwarders assist customers and airlines in completing cargo processing procedures, including preparing cargo lists, arranging air freight flights, booking air tickets, paying freight, etc.
  • Packaging, Loading, Transshipment and Arrival Processing: During the shipment process, the freight forwarder is responsible for the packaging and loading of the goods. Cargo is inspected, processed, and transferred at the transfer station to ensure safe transportation of the cargo until the cargo safely arrives at the destination airport.
  • Customs clearance and delivery: After the goods arrive at the destination airport, they undergo customs clearance procedures, including customs inspection, payment of duties and taxes, document review, etc. Freight forwarders assist in completing customs clearance procedures based on the customer’s requirements and the nature of the goods. After completing customs clearance procedures, the freight forwarder arranges delivery to the customer’s designated location.
Air freight from China to UAE processAir freight from China to UAE process

DDP Air Freight from China to Dubai

Definition of DDP
DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) is an international trade term that means the seller is responsible for transporting the goods to the place designated by the buyer and bears all risks and costs, including transportation costs, insurance costs, export and import tariffs and other related costs. The buyer only needs to receive the goods and does not bear any responsibility for transportation and customs clearance.

DDP Shipping from China

Advantages of DDP Air Freight
Simplified process: The buyer does not need to deal with complicated international transportation and customs clearance procedures.
Transparent cost: All costs are borne by the seller, and the buyer pays an all-inclusive price.
Reduce risks: The seller is responsible for all risks and the buyer’s risks are minimized.

Disadvantages of DDP Air Freight
Higher cost: The seller bears all costs and the final price may be higher.
Seller control: The buyer has less control over the transportation and customs clearance process.

Cost and time of DDP Air Freight from China to Dubai

DDP air freight costs: usually include transportation costs, tariffs, taxes, insurance costs and other related costs. The specific costs vary depending on the type of goods, weight, volume and destination.
Air freight time: Air freight from China to Dubai usually takes 3-7 days.
Customs clearance and delivery time: Customs clearance and delivery time depends on the specific situation, usually 1-3 days.

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DDP Air Freight from China to DubaiDDP Air Freight from China to Dubai

Door to Door Air Freight from China to Dubai

Definition of Door to Door Air Freight
Door to door air freight service refers to the full transportation service from the place of shipment to the place of receipt. The logistics company is responsible for the entire transportation process, including pickup, air transportation, customs clearance, delivery and other links, to ensure that the goods are delivered to the destination safely and quickly.

Door to Door Shipping from China

Advantages of Door to Door Air Freight to Dubai
Full service: Provide one-stop service from pickup to delivery, saving time and effort.
Safe and reliable: Professional logistics companies are responsible for transportation and ensure the safety of goods.
Fast and efficient: Air freight is fast and suitable for urgent goods.

Disadvantages of Door to Door Air Freight to Dubai
Higher cost: Compared with other modes of transportation, door to door air freight costs more.

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How to choose the right shipping method from China to Dubai?

Consider the type of goods and the degree of urgency
High-value and urgent goods: choose air freight, especially door-to-door air freight service.
Bulk goods or non-urgent goods: you can consider other modes of transportation, such as sea freight to Dubai.

Budget and cost
High-budget customers: you can choose DDP air freight or door-to-door air freight to Dubai and enjoy worry-free transportation services throughout the journey.
Low-budget customers: you can choose regular air freight or sea freight, and handle part of the transportation and customs clearance by yourself.

Service requirements
Need comprehensive services: choose door-to-door air freight service to save time and effort.
Want to simplify the customs clearance and transportation process: choose DDP air freight service to reduce your own burden.

Documents required for Air freight from China to UAE

Necessary documents for Air freight from China usually include the following:

  • Import and export contract: The import and export contract is the basic document of international trade, recording the rights and obligations of both parties, including the quantity, quality, price, payment terms, delivery time and other information of the goods.
  • Packing list: Packing list is a document filled out during the loading process, detailing the name, quantity, weight, volume and other information of the goods.
  • Air waybill (AWB): The air waybill is a transportation document that serves as a receipt for goods and a transportation contract. It contains information such as consignee, consignor, quantity, quality, freight, insurance, etc. Depends on the mode of transportation. Air freight has an air waybill, and sea freight has a bill of lading.
  • Invoice: An invoice is a document issued by the seller to the buyer as proof of delivery of goods or services. The invoice should contain the details of the goods, including quantity, quality, price, payment terms, etc.
  • Certificate of Origin: A Certificate of Origin is a document issued by the government or chamber of commerce of the exporting country that certifies the origin of the goods. In some cases, the destination country may require a certificate of origin for goods to enter.
  • Transportation Insurance Policy: A transportation insurance policy is a document provided by an insurance company that insures the goods during transportation to ensure their safety.
  • Customs declaration form: Customs declaration form refers to the document required for the import and export of goods, recording the quantity, quality, value and other information of the goods. Customs declaration form is an essential document in the entire import and export process.

Air freight from China to UAE Contact Basenton Logistics

Basenton Logistics provides professional transportation services to meet our customers’ unique needs and requirements for specific shipments. Here are some of the professional shipping services we offer:

Case sharing: Air Shipment From SZX, China to DXB, UAE

  1. Temperature-controlled transportation: For goods requiring specific temperature conditions, we provide temperature-controlled transportation services. This includes cold chain transportation suitable for temperature-sensitive commodities such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
  2. Transportation of oversized cargo: We provide professional transportation solutions for oversized, overweight, and irregularly shaped cargo. We have an experienced team and equipment to handle a variety of special cargo and ensure it reaches its destination safely.
  3. Transportation of sensitive equipment: We provide professional transportation services for sensitive equipment such as medical devices and scientific instruments. We take special shock absorption and protective measures to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during transportation.
  4. Exhibition logistics: Provide transportation and logistics services for exhibition items to exhibitors or exhibition organizers. We can assist with packaging, shipping, installation and removal of exhibit items to ensure the exhibition process runs smoothly.

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